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Jeff Pruitt

As I've been claiming for months, saying nothing and then executing a massive ad buy at the last minute of the campaign is losing strategy.

Evidently Mr Clerkin and Dr Tom didn't realize this - they will soon enough...

Charlotte A. Weybright

In response to Jeff Pruitt

Airtime is only one form of advertising. Although Rep. Souder has been on the radio airwaves (WOWO) for a while, he has literally said "nothing". His ads have been attacks on Dr. Hayhurst that have little to do with the campaign - no substance.

So when you state that Dr. Hayhurst and his campaign have said nothing - you are only addressing one form of communication. And, apparently, you believe that is the only form that counts.

The Hayhurst campaign has used good old-fashioned forms of communicating with the citizens of the 3rd district. He and his volunteers have participated in parades and events throughout the 3rd district, and they have walked door-to-door in neighborhoods throughout the district speaking with thousands of residents.

Dr. Hayhurst, on his own, has spoken at many town and city gatherings as well. He has made himself visible and accessible throughout the 3rd district. Because Dr. Hayhurst has not chosen the campaign avenue, up to this point, that you may think is the only choice, does not mean he has said "nothing."

If that is your position, then you haven't been listening.

Jeff Pruitt


Please allow me to elaborate.

Souder has spoken out against plan B.
Souder has constantly supported the administration's "stay the course" plan in Iraq.
Souder voted to suspend Habeus Corpus for "enemy combatents" which could include American citizens.

All this has been very recent. I have not heard Dr Hayhurst come out against (i.e. attack) Souder on any of these issues. I could list many more as well.

I have been listening and waiting patiently (well perhaps not patiently) for Dr Hayhurst to address the situation in Iraq - nothing. This is unbelievable and unacceptable. I salute the campaign's grassroots effort and I think it's a valuable part of the campaign. But it shouldn't be the ONLY part.

Dr Hayhurst needs to address this community in a major way and regularly in order to remind them why Souder needs to go. Waiting until the very last minute to launch a massive ad buy is not enough.

I assure you I'm listening - many of us are. The real question is whether or not the Hayhurst camp is listening to us...

Brian Stouder

If I could wave a magic wand on campaign finance reform, there would be an unregulated primary season, followed by a structured general election - wherein the candidates of the major parties get all the free TV time they want, so long as they are in debates/panel discussions with each other.

Afterall, if they get elected, that is exactly what the job will entail; so it wouldn't be unreasonable to require that they 'show us their stuff' during the election cycle, versus one another

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