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Scott Spaulding

I enjoyed speaking with Bob whenever we crossed paths.

Like me, he had a penchant for taking pictures of cityscapes and I will miss his contributions.

Alex Jokay

I bought a copy of Bob's award-winning photo of the courthouse dome at a charity auction, had it beautifully framed and gave it to my parents as a gift and it's one of the artworks they treasure most. It had been the Indiana Landmarks Foundation photo of the year back in the early '00s and has graced the covers of magazines.

His web site contains many interesting images, although he didn't upload a lot of the shots of forgotten buildings and streetscapes captured in Fort Wayne and other locales over the last 50-60 years because they hadn't been digitized. I don't know who has access to his collection but it's my earnest hope that someone who does will offer to allow a public retrospective of his work one day. It's a veritable catalog of local history, much of it breathtaking to behold.

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