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Alisa Maureen Gearhart

I started watching my mom cooking at an early age, but untill I had read your cookbooks did I understood that food is history of the people who prepare and eat it. You are a part of my life and for that I am grateful. GOD bless you Marcia, you were the best history teacher I ever had. Now to GOD you go, to share in his presence be with your son and our Savior.

From Miriam Vance

I am saddened to learn of the death of Marcia Adams. I loved watching her cook and teach and share her knowledge of antiques on her shows that appeared on my local PBS station.
From Marcia I learned that sharing what you cook with others is a way to share love! Thanks or your lessons, Marcia.

Cindy Gill

Such a heartbreaking loss. Marcia's PBS cooking show was a Saturday morning staple in my home. Marcia showed this West Coast girl what Mid-West traditions and history were all about. How I miss watching Marcia so lovingly and respectfully handle those antique quilts with white gloved hands. Snickerdoodles and big soft lemon frosted oatmeal raisin cookies are part of my baking repertoire thanks to Marcia. I remember Marcia saying on her show that she was "prone to frost her cookies" Me too..Bless you Marcia.

Amy Wolf

Marcia's was one of the first cooking shows I watched. She captivated me with her attention to detail and her loving respect for the people and recipes she shared. I have given her cookbook, Cooking from Quilt Country, to many people over the years and we all enjoy both the history and the recipes. I was very saddened to learn of her passing. Our world has lost a wonderful soul, God has gained an Angel.

Dreama Lee Poe

Marcia was elegant in her presentantion of her recipes and the rich history that she taught. I am deeply saddened about this loss.I cherish the memories of her.

Carol Stearnes

What a great legacy you've left!

Cori Bodeman

Oh so sad. While I wasn't a dedicated fan, my most used, dogeared, and stained cookbook in my kitchen during the holidays is "Holidays in the Heartland". Found her on PBS in the 90's. She was what Martha Stewart SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

I'm tardy in this as I just found out but I'm very saddened. Thank you Marcia. My Steamed Apple Pudding and Chocolate Mousse Tulips will be bittersweet this year.

John Lane

What a delightfully watchable and refined lady, her death has saddened me. Her Raspberry-Cream Cheese Coffee Cake became an instant classic in my household, and I never tire of it. She gave us home cooks so much and enriched so many lives with her generous spirit. I will miss having her on this earth, but she lives on with the wonderful books she shared with us.

Eloise Delinski

I am so sad to learn of Marcia Adam's death. I loved watching her television shows. She inspired me to bake bread and experiment with recipes. I loved her gentle manner and was thrilled to meet her in person in Lafayette, IN on my 50th birthday at a book signing. Heaven is richer for her presence there. Thank you, Marcia.

Theresa Selga

I watched Marcia's shows and I still use her cookbooks. She was super in giving us a taste of Amish and Mennonite culture, too! What a great gift she has given us. Thank you

Judy Sommer

I just pulled out Marcia's Christmas cookbook. I, too, enjoyed watching her on my local PBS channel and learned a lot from her. My special favorite recipe that I served at a social gathering at our home is the Syllabub. It was a hit! Every Christmas season I associate this "utterly beguiling punch" to the hit of the gathering. Leafing through the cookbook made me wonder about Marcia. Saddened to learn of her passing but will always remember her fondly with educating me in another avenue of life.

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