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(Jon) Duffey

My thoughts and prayers go out to the awesome writer and really great human being and his family. He was on his way to visit a friend on an island about a hundred miles north of Seattle. Approaching a grass strip, the wheels of his seaplane hit some power lines. His son, James, says he's in serious condition with a head injury and broken shoulder.

He started his barnstorming tour to promote the book "Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah" by flying into FWA with a bi-plane and mini-jet with another flyboy steering the second bird... buzzing the city and making an appearance on Intercom, when it was my radio show on WGL.

I teased him about the "hills" he wrote about and he gently put me in my place: "What do think is behind your old (New Haven) high school? The canal levee is tall enough for an emergency landing." Over the years, I've often thought about that as a metaphor never fully revealed in Illusions... a place of reflection, projection, and enlightenment for you, me, my brother, your sister and many hundreds of other NHHS grads.

I exchanged a few emails with Richard last month... reviving a lot of old memories beyond the time I shared with him at the studio on Lower Huntington Road... and that place east of Fort Wayne with symbolic (man made) hills that were a gateway to America's future - our futures.

Ed. note: Thank you, Jon. [A correction was made due to Mr. Duffey's comment.] We thank our readers for sending us timely corrections. However, one correction is in order for Mr. Bach's observation: the Wabash and Erie Canal levee to which he referred was actually the southern bank of glacial Lake Maumee - otherwise IN 930 - then known as US 30 or the Lincoln Highway.

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