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Mark Franke

I don't recall if Waynedale was a separately incorporated city under Indiana law in 1940 but I do remember its annexation by Fort Wayne in 1950's. If memory serves, it happened about the time that a major sewer project was undertaken.

Even though I was just a youngster at the time, I knew that Waynedalers did not consider themselves as part of Fort Wayne.

Ed. note: No, it was not separately incorporated. One of the first things I did upon taking office as City Councilman for the district that includes Waynedale was to ask the Clerk's office for the original annexation file regarding Waynedale. And you correct, the impetus was getting sanitary sewage treatment for Waynedale. And yes, you are correct, folks then - and still - regard Waynedale as a separate community.

I tell folks the reason why I enjoy representing Waynedale is that I perfectly well understand that sentiment. Having grown up in New Haven, I tell folks Waynedale is like New Haven if New Haven had been annexed.

You understand that, too, as a former editor of New Haven's Allen County Times.

Karen Goldner

Working at Bowmar, I now make the daily "commute" from Fort Wayne to Waynedale :-) The locals are very friendly.

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