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Carolyn De Voe

NO NO NO!! While I wish her every good thing and blessings on top of that, we need her here!

Paul Morrison

Will never forget meeting her. She was the officer working the door at the 3RF official tent, and I was selling buttons. Excise came to do their thing, thinking they would just badge themselves in. She said, "you better buy a button like every one else."

Other interesting thing? Her brother was my manager when I worked as a ramp supervisor for United Airlines at SFO. Small world.

Bob Gaul

That's a mixed blessing for us in Ft. Wayne:
I've met her, and she is a remarkable person and an excellent asset to the FWPD, and to our community.
But, if she feels the time has come to move on, I wish her much success in CO.

Castle Rock will be one VERY fortunate city.

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