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Kristina Frazier-Henry

Thanks for posting this Mitch

Ed. note: The Labelscar entry on Southtown also has a link to some of your photographs of Southtown on Flickr.

Roger McNeill

I always marveled at the Southtown Mall logo with the prominent arrow pointing straight down. I loved the mall, but the logo was certainly prophetic.

Bob Gaul

Kudos to you and to Ross Schendel for a look into one of our lost jewels down here.

There's not a day that passes that I don't miss being able to go there.

There used to be a website called LOST MALLS and it featured Southtown.

I would love to see more pictures of it in it's heyday.
I came here around 1997, and thought it was very nice (coming from the east coast aka mall-city USA)
And had I known THEN what I know NOW, I would have certainly taken my share of pictures.
I did snap some inside the (cornucopia) SCOTT'S on Decatur Rd. before it closed.

Excellent post.

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