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brian stouder

It's funny how quickly some people, who love to yip and yap about how 'the guh-mint' can't do anything right at all, forget that all NASA ever was, was a great big ol' guh-mint program.

Didja' read that piece in last week's Journal Gazette, about the cost of NASA back when we put astronauts onto the surface of the moon?

I knew it was a lot, but I didn't realize it was 4% of the national budget in the 1960's....!

Our 2011 national expenditures are supposed to be something like $3.75 trillion dollars; if NASA still got 1960's-level priority, it would be something near $183 billion - or 10 times what it is now.


Something to ponder, before the next time you hear someone refer derisively to this or that example of how government can never do anything, whilst "free enterprise" is some sort of ethereal, infallible spirit - a sort of god to whom we must genuflect, and make burnt offerings (so to speak)

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