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Susanne More

The Courier-Journal continues to shrink in size and they seem to have adopted what might be considered outsourcing. Many, many of the articles are now reprints of publications from USA today, Associated Press, etc. It is very sad to see a newspaper that was at one time so full of responsible, independent reporting dwindle into it's current status. The citizens of Louisville were very disappointed when the next generation of the Bingham family chose not to continue in the family's business and sold off radio/television stations as well as the newspaper.

Karen Goldner

Really sorry to hear that. As the print media contracts, it will have a very bad effect on coverage of local and state government.

Mike Dooley

No disrespect to Lesley, whose Statehouse coverage I've admired, but isn't this story short one tiny item? Like Gordon Engelhart's name, possibly? Ah, how soon they forget.

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