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Brian Stouder

OK, I know who Mark GiaQuinta is, and I know that a lawyer may represent any number of different clients, or even be affilliated with any number of different causes, and still be a fair-minded person; but what, pray tell, is "The Miller Improvement Group"? I Googled that term, and other than a link to this very Fort Wayne Observed piece, all that seems to exist is a series of Facebook links.

(By the by, one wonders what "The Miller Improvement Group" thinks about the prospect of Justice Clarence Thomas acting on any case that comes before the Court regarding, say, the healthcare bill, given that he and his wife's direct financial remuneration from one side of that debate)

Ed. note: Career options as a librarian or cartographer may be closed to you. Miller, Indiana was a town annexed by Gary, Indiana, in the 1920's. Its establishment predated Gary by over 50 years. It was the site of Octave Chanute's glider experiments among the dunes. More is available at this entry: http://tiny.cc/t1dth

Evert Mol

Should anyone be surprised?

Brian Stouder

True enough; I'd make a sorry librarian. In fact I did learn about Miller beach on my google expedition, and discerned the reason for the name "Miller Improvement Group".

What I was cuious about was who this "group" consists of. If it was something like Fort Wayne's Downtown Improvement District


then I was prepared to take the Fort Wayne Observed headline reference to a "Gary Group" seriously.

Leaving them aside, and simply reading what was posted here at FWOb, I don't see too much to get excited about.

Ed. note: The contact name for the Miller Group is listed in the press release which is hyperlinked on the FWOb post. Rather than dismiss the Miller Group due to a Google search and a speculative analogy perhaps you would want to call the contact published in the post.

John Bloom

Isn't that the same Giaquinta that bought some cheap land in Abboit and then sold it to the city for $500,000 where then they built a fire station.What a stroke of luck

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