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Mark Grady

Pence / Berry - Now that's a good ticket.

Roger McNeill

How's come Win Moses is always described as "veteran lawmaker" and "successful businessman", and not "Mayor who resigned in a plea deal to avoid prosecution and then re-appointed himself"?

The lackeys in the "Press" have sure succeeded in brushing that one under the rug!

Evert Mol

I thought Winfield was now an Illnois resident.

Patrick McAlister

Mr. McNeil,

If you apply the same logic to Republican politicians, you would be remiss if you didn't mention Governor Mitch Daniels tanking the fiscal future of America through tax cuts for the wealthy as President Bush's budget director; or Senator Dan Coats' representation of Brutal Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez as a fat cat Washington Lobbyist. Following the same logical pattern as you've outlined, these facts should be mentioned every single time 'Dan Coats' or 'Mitch Daniels' comes up in the media.

Or maybe the "Press" lackeys are giving them passes too.

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