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Brian Stouder

We caught "The Social Network" once it got into the dollar-movie machines, and for a dollar, it was OK.

Far from viewing it as nonfiction, it really seemed very much like a Harry Potter movie, with the mostly dark (almost film noir) cinematography, and complete with a Hogwarts-style educational institution (although in this case with Larry Summers as Headmaster, instead of Albus Dumbledor - but we digress!), and with many "Masters-of-the-Universe" apprentice/prodogies competing with one another.

The movie struck me as relentlessly misogynistic, and - despite all the hype - pretty empty. For example, it never even tangentially addresses WHERE all the valuation of Facebook comes from; how they actually monetize their huge collection of users.

It's all magic and wizardry, apparently.

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