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Brian Stouder

Today's weather has been interesting. We had the whole crew loaded into the minivan this afternoon, and were headed north on Calhoun at about quarter to three. The pavement was wet, and little snow flakes were speckling the windshield with water.

As we crossed Creighton, the snow thickened noticeably, and was sticking to the pavement. We were just passing Calhoun Street Soups (prompting my wife to say it's time to eat there again) when the snow squall intensified so much that I could not clearly see where the road was anymore; it is not too much to say that we were in a white-out!

We drove out of the whiteout and beneath the elevation, and upon emerging on the other side, the squall was noticeably lessened, until we got to the Cathedral and could see patches of blue sky! By the time we made it to Main Street, we were entirely out of the snow, and back on wet streets.

It was a genuinely bizarre little excursion - and we wondered aloud how motorists on I-69 were doing; or on Lafayette or Clinton streets, for that matter

Mike Sylvester


The 4th car (The red Saturn) is my wife's car. My daughter Kayla was in the car as well.

Mike Sylvester

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