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brian stouder

"However, some viewed Senator Lugar's campaign team as too interested in achieving a record vote percentage by appealing to Democrats that they neglected making the conservative case to Hoosier voters."

What does that even mean? Are we saying that it is intrinsically wrong to try and appeal to the widest possible swath of voters, rather than emphasizing whatever divisive "issues" that one can possibly latch onto, so as to "purify" one's own electoral base?

in the tea-pary's perfect world, should all voters both passionately HATE all other candidates but their own, and zealously LOVE that one (ideologically pure) candidate?

If the Republican party of Indiana cannot or will not support Dick Lugar, than they will (I predict) well and truly "jump the shark", and we'll get to see another Delaware scenario - wherein some photogenic Hoosier teaparty doofus (that the radio lip-flappers will unconditionally love) getting smashed like a racoon in the middle of US-24, by whoever the Democrats nominate.

Tim Zank

You can count me in the group that was "grumbling" over 10 years ago. It is way past time for a challenge to Lugar.

Martha Bishop

Mr. Lugar's votes yesterday in support of S. 510 Food Safety Act and against suspending earmarks should result in all Hoosiers concerned about our nation's economic health to "well and truly 'jump the shark'."

Alex Jokay

Actually, Ms. Bishop, his votes make me optimistic about the future of local economic health and gastrointestinal health as well. He is one entrenched Washington politician who we're very lucky to have entrenched in Washington.

The malcontents who want belligerent simpletons to represent them would do better to focus their efforts on getting Mike Pence elected as governor.

Tim Zank

Mr. Stouder, I am not a tea party activist or member, I'm just another conservative who is sick to death of entrenched politicians from both sides of the aisle that have simply lost touch with the rest of us. Dick is a nice guy, a smart guy, and he has served admirably, (I've voted for him since 1976) but it's obvious his 30+ years of "insulation" from the day to day life WE all experience has provided him a less than accurate picture of what we are going through and especially what we are facing.

It's disingenuous to hold up Delaware as an example while ignoring the historic 60+ seat gain. We (the voters you just heard from Nov 2) want representatives that listen to US, not to other 30 year office holders.

There is positively nothing more "American" that challenging a sitting politician, and absolutely nothing makes more sense that retiring Dick Lugar. Then he can play nice with his "distinguished colleagues" across the aisle all he wants.

I would submit you, as well as Lugar are stunningly unaware of the anger out here.

Brian Stouder

Mr Zank, while I may argue this or that point before an election, I never argue with election results.

My comment did include a gratuitous swipe at the "tea-party's perfect world", only because the only folks I've heard that seriously want to eliminate Dick Lugar from the Republican ticket are what could loosely be referred to as "tea party" Republicans.

In that vein, I cannot resist asking you whether you were actually happy to see a cashed-in, wornout old Coats elected to the Senate, rather than some better "listner to US".

It seems to me that if the tea-party wing was more than smoke and mirrors, that they would have seized the opportunity to grab that open senate seat, rather than working to split the party in (what will be) a presidential election year.

But be that as it may, I agree with you that all is fair, and indeed healthy (in the broadest sense).

As for "anger out here" (with regard to election results) - my thought is that the key driver lately is more fear than anger; we do genuinely disagree there. Angry folks make a difference at the margins (ie - in primary races), but general election results are more about people's hopes and fears.

Dan Turkette

Here's a few reasons why he will not get my vote, and no, I am not a Tea Party member.

1. He's a co-sponsor of both versions of the DREAM Act
2. He voted for Obama’s two uber-liberal Supreme Court nominees, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor
3. He supports the START arms-control treaty
4. Voted to Bail out the auto industry
5. Voted for TARP
6. Voted against returning $350 billion of unspent TARP to the public coffers
7. He voted to make gun manufacturers and sellers libel for gun deaths
8. Voted against a 2008 bi-partisan amendment to repeal the D.C. gun ban
9. Voted for extending the “assault weapons” ban
10. Voted for Campaign Finance Reform
11. Voted for allowing illegal aliens to claim social security credit for work done prior to receiving a social security number
12. Voted for a 2006 amnesty bill for illegal aliens

I hope Mike Delph takes a shot at this race.

As for Coats, how soon we forget he only received 40% of the vote. Had John Cornyn and the NRSC not thrust name-brand Coats into the race, Stutzman would have won.

Brian Stouder

I can agree with Mr Turkette that I'd rather have a Senator Stutzman than a Rep Stutzman (and we'll check the Coats and be done with it).

During the congressional race, and especially at the debate at IPFW, Stutzman struck me as a sincere, down to earth person who genuinely understands how government works, as well as how things operate on a Hoosier farm. (although it was unimpressive whenever Rep Stutzman took swipes at #4 on Mr Turkette's list, given that this is Allen County, and we still have a major, growing GM truck assembly plant. Nobody's perfect, eh?)

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