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Don Clemmer

Mitch, I'm going to plead total ignorance here. Why was it necessary to appoint a successor by caucus? Wouldn't Stutzman have been off the ballot for State Senator if he was already running for the 3rd District Congressional seat? And if he was off the ballot, wouldn't the GOP have run someone in the general election? Granted, I'm running on almost zero information here -- most of which could probably be rectified if I just bothered to do a quick Google search. What am I missing?

Ed. note: Mr. Stutzman's term did not expire until 2012. So the particular office was not on the ballot this year. Since Mr. Stutzman didn't vacate the office until his election, it is necessary to have a caucus to fill the remaining two years of his term. State Senator Glick will be running in the 2012 election.

Don Clemmer

Ah yes, the four-year term of a State Senator! It all seems so simple ... now.

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