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Todd Eigenschink

They'll hire the spelling consultant from Chicago for $72,000.

Mike Green, Allen Co. PIO

Mitch, it was neither the County's nor the City's mistake. Jeff Sorg, the County's project manager for Aboite Center Rd., tells me the company which made the signs -- Stello Products, Inc. of Spencer, IN -- added the extra "n." The erroneous sign has been removed and will be replaced ASAP at no cost to the taxpayers.

Jason Blosser

Then Stello Products needs to hire a different Chicago consulting firm...LOL!

Lisa Davis

Possibly the sign could be sold to a Catholic convent.

Jim Sack

They should leave it up as a test, or a bit of local humor. Why waste a perfectly good chuckle.

Tim Hallman

I suppose the residents of that street found the sign to be "nun" too amusing. :)

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