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Karen Goldner

This is a movement that was started before the State Convention, and led by people in the 3rd Congressional District. The State Convention voted for the Central Committee to consider moving from Indy - not exactly a strong statement, but a good beginning. Of course, the folks up here hope that the first convention outside of Indianapolis would be in Fort Wayne. Tincaps game, anyone?

Ed. note: Although the Indianapolis Indians' Victory Field is located adjacent to the Indiana Convention Center I can't recall hearing of anyone who attended the state political convention with the idea they would go to Victory Field. There are caucuses the night before, voting the next morning, and folks are in their vehicles heading home in the afternoon.

Dan O'Connell, President, FW/AC CVB

The Convention & Visitors Bureau is very optimistic about landing the 2012 Democratic convention. Here's why.

Mayor Henry promoted the rule change in June. Carman Darland, 3rd District Democratic Chair has been doing a marvelous job promoting, advocating and lining up votes from the Central Committee to chose FW later this year. Several delegates have already made their commitment to vote for Fort Wayne because of her work and that of others including the Mayor's wife, Cindy.

The CVB is doing our part as we would with any bid. Over 2,000 people are expected. We welcome this opportunity showcase Fort Wayne ( as we do for many conventions) and it is especially rewarding when we get the chance to get them to come here from Indy, who has had a strangle-hold on many state-based groups for far too long.

Ed. note: Dan - do you think use of words like 'strangle-hold' is wise public relations when the decision is not yet made?

Phil Marx

If the purpose is to make it more fair to delegates from all areas of the state, why not have a convention in each county with electronic communications connecting them?

If the purpose though is just to have a big party, then Indy makes a lot more sense than F.W.

Karen Goldner

Mitch, the Dems do our caucusing in the morning. Friday night is for hospitality suites - and the best suite ever would be at a TinCaps game.

Ed. note: If the Indiana Republican Party held their district caucuses on Saturday morning, I would fully expect that many Republican delegates would not drive in the night before but drive in Saturday morning so as not to incur a charge for a hotel room if there were to be no official business the night before.

The hospitality rooms at the Republican State Convention are pretty sedate affairs compared to those back in the heyday of the conventions when the US Senate and gubernatorial nominations took place.

Are the hospitality rooms at the Democratic confab such a draw on Friday night that Democrat delegates find free food and drink compel attendance when there are no other official functions taking place?

Kurt Ullman

In the early 80s, I was education chair for a state-wide group. At the time we looked into putting on a big seminar in Indy with satellite conferences throughout the state. We were going to use the Indiana HIgher Education Telecommunication System to link all the sites together. Never got the PTB to sign off on it, but it was very doable back then. I would think even more so now. Technically you could do it at any Starbucks or McDonalds using Wifi and a webcam.

Roger McNeill

Well, at least we know that if they come to FW, none of the decisions will be made in smoke filled rooms!

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