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Nancy Nall

Interesting. Help out someone who's been gone nearly six years -- is that greenish patch around south-central the Burmese, or am I seeing something else?

Brian Stouder

"is that greenish patch around south-central the Burmese"

They define green as "Asian" - so indeed, I believe you are correct.

We snapped a few photos at South Side High School just before the start of the school year (we have a freshman student there), and one couldn't help but notice that most of the people we saw walking on the sidewalks and/or working at the various storefronts there were Asian.

More recently, our fine young freshman (and our 6th grader from Towles) and I rolled into the hamburger place at Southgate, prior to going to the homecoming football game at South Side, and noted that most of the other customers appeared to be Asian.

By way of saying, although I don't really like this green dot/red dot/blue dit abstraction, it appears to be accurate (more or less)

Roger McNeill

I see Elvis!

Charlotte A. Weybright

The suburbs are almost all white - I believe the percentages range from 96% to 98% Caucasian (northwest, southwest and northeast). If you research the Indiana DoE website, you can create data on a number of factors found in the school districts, which provides an interesting dynamic to compare to the demographics of the suburbs.

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