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Kurt Ullman

If I was into conspiracy theories, I would wonder how much of this was to disperse Elmhurst's hot shot students to other schools and up their results so they wouldn't be failing or in as bad a shape.

Evert Mol

The Elmhurst kids tranferring to other high schools won't be taking any more state tests, so they won't affect the statistics of their next school. What future incoming Freshmen that would have gone to Elmhurst (if it stays closed) can do for any "LEAD" school remains to be seen.

Anyway, thanks for the post, Mitch

Brian Stouder

Whereas, if I was into conspiracy theories, I would wonder what some of these folks who are ALWAYS anti-FWCS really want.

I heard WOWO's whack-job drive-time lip-flapper advocate for state takeover of "failing" FWCS schools, and even for converting FWCS structures into charter schools.

One supposes that any number of fascinating things might then make it into the curriculum, such as cavemen riding on dinosaurs - and we taxpayers would STILL get to pay for it!

For the record, Wayne High School is still under-capacity and therefore underutilized -

and keeping Elmhurst open simply made no sense.

In an honest discussion between people of goodwill, I'd agree that the FWCS administration could have handled the transition better than they did (the desk shortage was a ridiculous and preventable debacle); and others might agree that, indeed, FWCS HAS reacted vigorously and effectively to the twin challenges of budget cuts and academic performance.

That is, if we (the people) can get the lawyers to sit down and shut up, and let FWCS focus on getting their work (which their board has admirably advanced, this past year) successfully completed.

Evert Mol

Vigorously and effectively on academic performance? If reacting vigorously means waiting until Tony Bennett uses PL221 to put a gun to their heads, you're right. Whether it's effective remains to be seen.

Cindy Colvin-Jensen

Why was FWCS in such a hurry to close Elmhurst High School if their ISTEP scores were so superior to Wayne and North Side High Schools. There needs to have been MUCH more consideration to the whole closure issue before such actions were taken. Moving these children around like unimportant chess pieces doesn't recognize that these children have the right to have the best education and understanding as possible in these times of such uncertainty.

Cindy Colvin-Jensen

Why was FWCS in such a hurry to close Elmhurst High School whose ISTEP scores were so much better than North Side and Wayne High Schools. There wasn't enough consideration given to the matter of closing EHS. Economics surely wasn't the only factor involved. The children of EHS deserve better than to be considered unimportant chess pieces in this matter of political power-play. They deserve the best education that they can get and also the most security in a difficult society.

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