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Nathan Dennison

When I stopped at a BP branded station to fill up the other day, I almost didn't. A part of me wanted to drive right on by to another station. But then I realized that the BP station was $2.57, as opposed to $2.79 down the road. As much as I don't like supporting BP...my bottom line is more important. Would a total re-brand to "Amoco" help their bottom line in the long run?

Ed. note: I think the rebranding issue may be more important to the independent retailers than it is to the parent company. Many of them would like to be free of the bad image that is the responsibility of the parent.

But they have complicated relationships with the parent as to use of the brand, obligation to distribute product, and financial responsibility for signage and display of the brand.

I suspect that if there were to be a rebranding the independent operators would like the entire charge of doing so to rest with the parent and BP may want to push some of that cost to the operators.

In the case of, say, PNC - the bank is the owner or lessor of all the real estate that had to be rebranded. A bank is not like a hotel or gas station where independent real estate owners and operators contract for certain product and brand support. A bank is able to determine the scope, the cost and the rollout of its brand change.

Bob G.

When they first had this BP/AMOCO merger a few years back, initially, some stations retained the AMOCO logos for a while.

Looks like they've come full circle...AGAIN.

A agree that the rebranding IS important to local franchises.
The small business owner shouldn't have to feel whatever IRE is directed at the parent company...it's not the businessman's fault.

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