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Tim Zank

Should she go on to win the election, let us all hope she has more common sense than Matt Bell.

I guess I wasn't paying attention to Mr. Bell's legislative efforts (along with thousands of others evidently) when, much to my surprise I discovered he was responsible for the new "card every single person buying alcohol" law soon taking effect in Indiana.

How on Earth did other Republicans (or Dems for that matter)allow this to pass?

For the sake of stopping a handful of lazy liquor store clerks from selling to a handful of underage drinkers, I, along with the entire population of Indiana are now subject to showing a state issued picture I.D. to buy beer.

Asking my 52 year old arse for an I.D. to buy beer is about as brilliant as the TSA frisking 80 year old wheelchair bound grandmas at the airport in Fargo. (they actually did this to my mom)

With all the "nanny" legislation we suffer now, how did we let this guy foist even more ridiculous restrictions upon us?

This is why citizens have no faith in their elected officials, they have no common sense whatsoever.

Thank goodness he's heading out of office, I hope the Chamber knows what they are getting with Mr. Bell.

Roger McNeill

It's the old "slippery slope", Tim. Republican or Democrat, once a City Council, State Legislature or US Congress get a taste for nanny legislation, there's no end to it.

I'd like to jump on the bandwagon early and encourage the State Legislators to select the color "green" for the inevitable State Uniforms we'll all have to wear. I have no preference between requiring goose-stepping or just regular marching.

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