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Tim Zank

Never let it be said supporters of Obama were ever the least bit bashful about anointing him long before he accomplished anything.

Jim Sack

I have noticed a dozen honorary signs in Fort Wayne, including one for some woman named "Mama" Reese. Who was she and how does one "earn" such a outpouring at the taxpayer's expense?

Ed. note: There goes your chance for "Jim Sack Straße."

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.

The only issue I ever had with him on those issues was the renaming of I469 to the Ronald Reagan Expressway, that was soley an issue of political and religious pandering.

Ed. note: No, Mr. White. Mr. Souder had long been a fan of Mr. Reagan's dating to his Young Americans for Freedom days in the late '60's. 'Pandering' implies that someone does something that does not reflect that person's own beliefs. I think even E.J. Dionne would agree with me on this and I am not often on the same page as Mr. Dionne.

Mark Grady

I had to look twice at that sign.

For a quick second, I thought the cross street was Stinker Boulevard. The mind, it plays the game sometimes...

Kent Strock

And given the chaos and BS surrounding your party you think it is important to do this Beck kinda theatrics. Very disappointing.

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