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Fred Rost


If it is more cost effective for Navistar to stay in Fort Wayne, what is your understanding of the issues driving them to seek to move?

Craig Eckert

As much as I like that Navistar has pulled back from Lisle, it makes me scratch my head as to why they choose Lisle if Fort Wayne made better financial sense. There must be more than just profit motive at play.

I'd love to hear some ideas as to what would make Fort Wayne a more attractive location for these businesses, it must be more than financial.

Robert Enders

There is a book that will answer your question. It is called "The Great American Job Scam" and last time I checked it was still available at the downtown library.

Ever lie to your boss and say you had another job offer in order to weasel out a raise? Companies do the same thing. They will announce that they are considering locating at two cities that are in two different states. But the reality is they already made their decision and they are trying to get perks from their preferred city.

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