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Robert Enders

This is without Googling it. If I'm wrong, it's because I'm guessing.
Win Moses, Fort Wayne
Paul Helmke, Arlington, VA
Graham Richard, Fort Wayne

Karen Goldner

Bob, you beat me to it but that is what I was going to say.

Mike Dooley

Add Paul Mike Burns (Fort Wayne, if he's still alive) and Cosette Simon (either New York or DC) to that list and I think it's complete.

Ed. note: Mayor Burns is alive.

mike dooley

And a question for the moderator: Who was the last Fort Wayne politician to make news by moving to St. Louis?

Brian Stouder

I bet Bob Armstrong still lives around here, somewhere, although Mayor Lebamoff passed away.

Ed. note: Former mayor Bob Armstrong died in August of 2008.

Jonathan Moosey

Note to Robert Enders: Win Moses doesn't live in Fort Wayne, he merely has just established residency here just so he can keep his State House seat. Moses has lived in Indianapolis for nearly 20 years and occasionally visits his District that he represents.

Mike Dooley

One more bit of useless trivia: Who was the last Democrat elected city office holder who moved from Fort Wayne to St. Louis after leaving the city job here?

Ed. note: That would be former City Council member at large Vivian Schmidt.

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