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Steve Gordon

with such a quiet exit, does that mean there might have been more behind the scenes in PW's departure?

Mike Sylvester

The WOWO website has the "Pat Miller" show listed in the program lineup for the 3 PM - 6 PM slot.

I am somewhat surprised; I always thought the "Pat White Show" had very high ratings.

Mike Sylvester

Jason Blosser

This is the best news I have heard in a very long time! Pat White has become annoying, predicable, dim-witted and narrow-minded and repeats the same sentence over and over (and over) when introducing a supposedly controversial story for discussion.

Edward W. Matczak Jr.

What Happened?? Pat White fall out of Grace??

Brian Stouder

Pat White did indeed begin to sound a bit like a cranky old white man, almost literally saying "get off my lawn, you kids!" whenever the subject of Halloween trick-or-treaters or eating in restaurants comes up.

But you could call into his show with a contrary opinion, and get onto the air - and if you weren't rude he'd let you have your inning.

Any time I've heard Pat Miller, he takes fewer calls, and rapidly cuts off any who depart from his talking points or his opinions.

WOWO seems to to have finally crashed through the gaurdrails on the right side of the roadway (against which they have been scarping for some time now)

Roger McNeil

No loss. Miller's pretty good.

Len Engquist

I wish him well, but I can't say I'm sad to hear that he will no longer be on WOWO. I had stopped listening to Pat regularly about a year ago, primarily because of his adolescent treatment of items of a sexual nature. I also disliked the tedious and redundant lead-ins to many of his items. He would spend several minutes repeating the same thing with minor variations, something he could have said in 15-30 seconds.

Donald Irvine

On Thursday he was insisting that black people cannot have natural red hair, he kept on and on about it and I for one was starting to feel uncomfortable about the whole discussion as he started to field callers who wanted to talk about black peoples' genetics. That may have been the the final straw that broke the camel's back.
Rather sad, I didn't always agree with his opinions but he was entertaining. It's even sadder to see how much WOWO has fallen over the last 20 years.

Jim Howard

Let me get this straight---Pat White and his racists remarks are considered "middle of the roadway?" It is good to see him go. Pat White was an egotistical,cranky old man. Self-absorbed and parochial.

Robert Pence

It's sad what WOWO has become. At one time it was one of the things that put Fort Wayne on a lot of people's maps across America, in a respectable way. I remember walking into the air terminal cafeteria at Dover AFB, Delaware, in the mid-1960s in the wee hours and hearing WOWO on the radio. When I told people in different parts of the country that I was from Fort Wayne, WOWO often was what they knew about my hometown.

The last time I listened to the station was many years ago. I'm an early bird, and one Sunday morning I turned on my radio to hear Pastor Pete Peters, Christian Identity preacher and one the people Tim McVeigh met with before blowing up the Murrah Federal Building. Pastor Peters, on his Scripture for Americans program, was delivering a sermon titled "The Death Penalty for Homosexuals as Prescribed in the Bible."

Ed Strubel

I agree with most of the above... I called The Pat White Show several times over the years, and whenever I had evidence to contradict what he was saying he would simply continue repeating his ignorant viewpoint. I just felt that his show prep was lacking. He was so far off and ill-informed on so many of the topics he talked about that I just had to turn him off most times. I also agree with the above person who had issues with his juvenile ramblings on things of a sexual nature...

Dennis Reimschisel

It was a shock to me to hear of Pat Whites firing.I thought his show was at times informative,but on the other hand he did repeat himself alot.WOWO sure has changed. I really miss the old WOWO 20 to 30 years ago with the LITTLE RED BARN and all the old radio personalities though.That is all in the past. It will never be like that again.Too bad.

Maggie Terry

I listened to Pat White on the way home for no reason other than familiarity. I too tired of listening to him repeat the same statement over and over and over. I've been listening to the Pat Miller show this past week. I want to like it so that I, once again, have some familiar background noise for the drive home. My reaction so far: Same dog; different fleas.

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