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Citizens for Healthy Development organization

It is interesting to note that some 26 Million is just in the payroll of the Sr. Management and Sr Contributors.

The report actually shows the lower paying positions as higher wages in Fort Wayne than in Illinois (where the cost of living is higher)

tim zank

So in other words, if Illinois kicks in about ohhhhh, say 30 mil worth of incentives, Navistar is moving to Lisle.

Ed. note: FWOb was told by an Illinois official that no state incentives have been granted.

tim zank

OH! And nice job on the exclusive!

Name withheld by request

This report clearly shows that Navistar is seeking a 40-Million-dollar "taxpayer handout" in Illinois to provide an average of 14,000 dollars more in annual wages to the 1880 highest paid Sr Mgmt individuals (already in Illinois) while cutting the wages of the lower paid individuals that move from Fort Wayne to Lisle, IL.

With a higher cost of living in DuPage Co, one has to wonder how someone earning the average of 60K in Fort Wayne can afford to move to Lisle and take a slight pay CUT to 59K.

This report contradicts Navistar's assertion that "new jobs" to Dupage would be an average of 80K. This report simply shows that Navistar's senior mgmt wants IL taxpayers to pay THEIR salary so SR MGMT don't have to move to Fort Wayne - and we know they would not.

April Sands

Interesting that this report is from September 2009 and yet the Navistar management has continued to opt to pursue a major move. I ponder on the fact if stockholders of Navistar have had a chance to see this report. If so, they might be a little distressed that Navistar paid probably 30-50k to have this report created and then completely ignored the results of the report. If they did pay attention to the report, they only used it to attempt to barter with the state/region for tax abatements or incentives. The saddest part is that they probably could have increased those cost savings by going to the state and local econ dev folks and asking for similar help.

Makes you ponder on who wants to live in Lisle. This so reminds me of John Boscia moving Lincoln headquarters to Philly so that he could be in a more "cultured" city.

M Zajdel

A different perspective.


Don Mathis

I wonder if Navistar volunteered this information, or any other information to support their move out of FW, to the Fort Wayne commission?

Great article and good work!

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