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As of 1:10 p.m., https://senateconservatives.com/stutzman contributions to Stutzman was at $25,000

Linda Zimmerman

I am absolutely thrilled about the Stutzman endorsement! Marlin Stutzman is a STRONG conservative that I'll be very proud to call my U.S. Senator! He'll do well in Washington, same as he's done well in our Indiana House and Senate! Thank you Senator DeMint!

Dave Davidson

Demint said, "We need some new faces in there." Yes, that is true, but I think Demint is going w/Stutzman because he is already a State Senator -- that pat each other's backs. Demint needs to get familiar w/candidate Richard Behney who will more appropriately represent we, the people, and fight to restore the republic. BEHNEY IS BOLDLY CONSERVATIVE!

John Meyer

If he wanted to put in a strong conservative who will cut back the bloated Federal Government, he should have endorsed John Hostettler who is completely independent and does not solicit large organizational contributions. His record in the House is what is needed in the Senate

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