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Noel Schutt

This is a good idea. There have been a number of times I would have preferred to take a train instead of driving if it had been an option.


Fort Wayne is probably best as a junction with Toledo/Cleveland route in layer one of the Ohio Hub and the western spur off the Columbus/Toledo/Detroit route in layer two of the Ohio Hub.

Also the South Bend alignment is much more heavily used for freight, so it will require more dedicated track for the 110mph HSR.

But pragmatically, I'm sure Ohio will be happy to connect in wherever the Northern Indiana HSR connection to Chicago is available.

Matt Rupert

It would be a great way for me to speed home to the Fort for visits!

Roger McNeill

Assuming this red herring actually happens, has anyone calculated the effect this would have on FW International? An awful lot of departures go to Chicago or Cleveland.

Robert Pence

Noel, if your destination is downtown you might find the South Shore trains useful. They run from South Bend through Michigan City, Gary, and Hammond, and stop at 59th Street/Hyde Park on the edge of the University of Chicago campus en route to their terminus at Randolph & Michigan. They run frequently and on time, and are very inexpensive. I use them several times a year. I choose to board at Michigan City; Michigan City is only about 15 minutes more drive time than South Bend, saves 35 minutes on the train, and offers more frequent service. Parking is free at the Carroll Avenue station. You can find schedule and fare info at http://www.nictd.com/.

It takes me about 2 1/2 hours to drive to Michigan City, driving at the posted limit. Just take US 30 to 35 through La Porte, and as you come into Michigan City, turn right by the water tower & McDonalds (Carroll Avenue). Go about four or five blocks, and you'll see the sign on the right where the tracks cross the street.

Mark Grady

I used to take the train from Warsaw to DC (the capital limited). It was OK, but more nostalgic than practical.

I've taken the south shore from SBN to Chicago - great if you have a lot of time, and the cabs in Chicago are now cheaper than the parking, which is taxed into oblivion.

Many businesses have now even imposed 'in state' travel restrictions, so this would probably need to be heavily subsidized, like Amtrak.

Gosh, if I take the Prius, haven't I done enough to greeen the environment?

Robert Pence

Mark, If you catch the South Shore at Michigan City (Carroll Avenue), you'll cut 35 minutes off the train ride at an expense of only about 15 minutes more drive time; net savings of 20 minutes, plus a couple bucks on the fare. As a bonus, on weekdays service is more frequent at Carroll Ave.

My trips usually are weekdays to U of Chicago (57th Street Metra Station), and I find the net travel time about a wash between driving all the way, and driving to Carroll Ave. and then taking the South Shore in. Splitting the trip between car and train is less fatiguing, too. Admittedly, I'm a speed-limit driver.

Note: In my comment above, I stated that the trains stop at 59th Street. I should have said 57th Street.

Charlotte A. Weybright

Great info on travel to Chicago. I am heading up there for a John Fogerty concert, and I am really dreading driving in downtown Chicago - haven't been there for about 20 years.

I may try the South Shore.

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