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Shawna Nicelley

I have been driving that stretch of road my entire life and not once have I missed the curves. It is a very charming stretch that I will miss dearly when the new road goes in. On the other hand, my husband is excited for the new road so he can drive faster. Hhhmmmm!?!
The question remains, who will the new road be better for?

Suzy Slick

If you care about the functionality of State Blvd, the safety of drivers, pedestrians, bike-riders, school bus kids, the integrity of the surrounding neighborhoods and the esthetics of this area, please show up at the downtown library on 9/30 at 5:30 to provide your input. The City says it is interested in collecting citizens' input regarding this project. Public meetings like this are required for this type of federally funded project. Does the City really care what we think? We won't know if we don't show up and tell them how we feel.


Marty Bender told me that the speed limit will remain 35 mph. after the work is done so I'm sure all of our good FW drivers will comply obediently . . .


I don't think Captain PJ Smith will investigate the accident. The work would be done by a patrolman making 20K less. I believe he is there to look at the railing.

Ed. note: Captain Smith was working the accident on Labor Day.

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