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Andy Borgmann

Wow! I mean. Wow! I didn't know that and it makes me kind of sad that I didn't have one last meal there this summer.

I had my 16th birthday there.

I took my senior Prom date there.

And had many lunches with Dad and his partners.

It was always one of my favorite places to eat, if nothing else for the view. I will miss that place.

Jeff Gubitz

I remember dining with Win Moses there on my 1st day in Ft Wayne back in March 1985.

Enjoyed some very nice meals and events there as well over the years. The Ft Wayne jewish Federation used it often as did the United Way Execs. R.I.P.

Mike Harvey

It would have been interesting to see Gordon Ramsay come in and rescue it...

Robert Pence

I knew people who worked there from time to time, was a dinner guest once, and attended a couple of retirement parties on the 25th floor.

If I remember correctly, the Summit Club struggled some years to maintain sufficient revenue stream to justify its existence.

Any plans for the space? It seems to me that given the popularity of dining out in Fort Wayne, a fine-dining restaurant open to the public would do well; the view is exceptional, and parking is convenient in the building's garage.

Andy Borgmann

Robert that's an interesting idea. I have no idea what the rent there is, but if you built a resteraunt that wasn't quite as "nice" / expensive up there - that was more accessible to the average family - then I bet that would become a favorite real quick.

When I worked downtown, I would always go to the Window Garden Cafe in the Summit Building. I loved it, if for nothing else the view. But obviously a cafeteria isn't going to be a place people go at night very often.

So maybe they could use the space for a restaurant inbetween "Summit Club" and "Window Garden"

Roger McNeill

Dr. Crawford must be proud.

Jeff Love

I don't live in FW anymore, but heard of the news from former colleagues. I proposed to my wife in the club's library on 25 and enjoyed several good meals up there. Just last year my wife and I used reciprocal club privileges and had lunch there when passing through town and had yet another good meal. I currently serve on a country club's board of directors and unfortunately it doesn't surprise me that a private club has closed in these tough economic times. R.I.P. Summit Club!

Steve Ridenour

My mother Virginia Ridenour worked as a waitress and I remember seeing Dick Stoner a local magician and Barnabas Collins who played in Dark s
Shadows. That was back in the early 70's. My mother passed away in 1974 I also remember Irene DeDarlo who worked with her

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