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Mark Grady

I thought for a moment the question was if I'd be buying my next car from Preferred Auto.

The dealership my family has bought cars from since the 40's - for us 4 generations worth of family - will be closing. They got 'the letter' from GM. For personal and work, I've purchased over a hundred cars/trucks from them.

A green, pure, 'plug-in' electric car wouldn't even get me home from the closest dealership.

Take out the domestic brands now teetering on the edge (other than Ford, who may remain) and in the vast expanse of rural Indiana between Fort Wayne and South Bend, we have a couple of Toyota dealerships (Warsaw, Elkhart) and Suzuki to choose from.

Outside of the cities, I have a hunch certain income classes will start to look like the residents of Cuba in a few years, driving in old cars, held together with baling wire and grey tape. Viva La Revolution!

Dawn Wilson

My husband has a Ford Fusion. I drive a Toyota Avalon. I've driven his car and am impressed with the level of appointment and quality of ride. I told him that the price difference was greater than the quality difference. It's a great car and a tremendous value.

Roger McNeill

Sorry Detroit, Tokyo & Berlin. Even with all the incentives, special financing and rebates, I still can't afford/am unwilling to pay your asking price when a moderately equipped car costs more than my first house (and my first house was brand new).

I'm glad that there are people out there that are willing to take the beating on the new car market. Every time I shop for a car, I look at the new stuff, but I eventually come to my senses. A nice used 3/36 vehicle ends up being the best deal around.

Deb Devore

I won't be buying anything that the UAW is involved in nor anything that the gov't has bailed out.

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.

I have given a lot of thought to this:
Ford, Im an preexisting owner, love the Taurus and the F150 always have always will. But the reason I drive a Former Owner Run Down and will choose them again is they didnt accept the bailout money from Congress.
Obviously at that mark GM & Chrysler are out! However I do also have a few other international flavours to consider:
Hondas are sturdy I love the Accords.
VWs are sexy and have purple dash lights, plus they are bringing back the minibus, sweet!
I like the Hyundai and KIA brands but can only fit into three of Hyundai's vehicles comfortably, plus they also have purple dash lights, and the Sante Fe has command control seating for the Star Trek shuttlecraft geek in us all. I think that I trust Hyundai over Kia though for service and warranty guarantees so far based on friends experiences.
But the car I really want to get is those new SMART Cars. 1. They only cost @ 16K 2. I and 2-3 other passengers can fit comfortably and 2. barring me rolling it over during a redneck maneuver, are pretty sturdy. I have long stated that they are the way of the future for typical civilian transportation and based on size alone will greatly reduce the amount of grey space taking up our shopping centers and infrastructure in the Urban areas.

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