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Jim Sack

I am only in favor of a casino is the people using it all look like stars in a James Bond movie, although we could skip the Russia mafia types.

Stephen Parker

I saw two of the billboards between here and Lansing Michigan last weekend another past Lansing before our turn off to Owosso. At least one on the way back.

Roger McNeill

"Fort Wayne based casino"??? I'm drop jawed at the prospect. You can't smoke, light a Roman candle, or even shine a light from your house at night, but casinos are OK?

What would we call this thing? The "Come-Sin-If-You-Must" casino? Or perhaps "Come-so-we-can-look-down-on-you" casino?

I get this mental image of sitting at a slot machine having my shoulder tapped upon by a local nanny governmentalist (you know who you are), reminding me that I'm going to go to hell for this.

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