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tim zank

We just never learn. Over incentivizing is basically just robbing future legitimate sales.

Johnathan Brouwer

Those signs are in the public right of way:)

perhaps I should call 3-1-1 to report them...

Roger McNeill

So let's see, I not only have to bail out the banks, bail out Detroit, bail out the UAW, bail out Acorn, buy health insurance for people who don't prioritize it high enough to buy it for themselves, and enrich Al Gore while he sells the air, now I have to help buy cars for people too?

Since freebie insurance is high on Washington's list, I suppose pulic Auto Insurance is just around the corner?

Where is this all going?

tim zank

Roger sez "Where is this all going?"

Unfortunately, we ALL know where this is going, directly to our status as a third world country.

Hope & Change Baby!

Bob G.

I've already got people walking in our streets and urinating against houses down on the SE side (hear that, Glynn?), so we're WELL on our way to 3rd world status!
They LOVE those entitlements, too!

As to the CfC fiasco...sorry, not going to buy into that.
I have a 26 year old car that has LESS than 60K on it, even thought the A/c is out and the seatbelts won't retract.
THOSE can be fixed...and for a LOT LESS than $4500!
Not to mention, it gets about AS GOOD mileage as the "new" larger cars, so where would I be saving?

Now my car isn't worth $4500 (except to me) on ANY "blue book", and I wouldn't get that at ANY dealer, but I'm not going to "just take" the $4500 (and run) for some POS hybrid that will cost me a LOT more in the long haul.

I'm going to hold out for HYDROGEN...OR "Mr. FUsion"..which ever comes first...LOL.


Mark Andrews

Mr Fusion Classic! The other downside is that the used car market for older cars is going to dry up! Where have all the old cars gone?

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