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Andrew McNair

Will this lead to the bottler cleaning up the Pepsi machine graveyard on Wells street?

Andy Borgmann

Huh. I never knew there was a Pepsi bottler in Fort Wayne. I knew there was that Coke place by the airport (which I think is a bottler, but might just be distribution).

I have always been a Pepsi guy (even now living in Atlanta).

John Wonderly

Actually, Wm. Scheele & Sons. was a legendary Fort Wayne outfit such as a couple that have bitten the dust recently, Zollner Piston and Koehlinger Cycling & Fitness formerly owned by the Fort Wayne legend Uncle Win.

Mark Andrews

OMG!! Combined synergies!! Why don't corporate talking heads speak English!! When are they going to utsource Senior Management to make these cruical investment stratgies

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