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Judith Steckly

I'm surprised you haven't written about the 70% pro-tax for schools vote in SWAC Tuesday! Good citizens support taxes for important parts of the community like schools, libraries and bridges.

Ed. note: At the April 14th meeting of the Fort Wayne City Council I used our open time to remind cable viewers that the SWAC election was on April 21st. The City Council meeting is broadcast on local cable systems Comcast and Verizon. I started off my remarks by saying "Next Tuesday is Election Day in Fort Wayne." The puzzled looks on the faces of my Council colleagues - Democrat and Republican - and their remarks afterward - indicated they did not have awareness of the upcoming vote.

The cable broadcast has many more viewers than this weblog has readers.

I am the only City Council member in Fort Wayne history to be a resident of the Southwest Allen School District. I take that seriously.

I also noted at that meeting that I would be traveling to Washington, D.C. later in the week - on my own dime - to engage in some matters relating to public policy. You may have noticed the postings on this weblog have been a little sparse this week - which means there is an unlimited range of subjects I haven't written about.

Andy Borgmann

Good for Lisa. I didn't know she was doing that. I'll have to see what that is all about.

What is this controversy about the pro-tax SWAC thing?

I knew there was a controversy about when I left Fort Wayne regarding state funding cut to SWAC because of the "extra" support of the residence. Not sure if that is the same thing, or if this is something new.

Roger McNeill

SWACS has maintained a reputation for excellence, achievement and national recognition for a number of years. The voters acknowledged this in the special election.

This should not be read as an indication that voters will line up to pay more taxes into failed institutions and bloated government.

Paul Morrison

The citizens of the SWACS have spoken! I wonder if the parents of kids who go to school in the EACS might do the same?

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