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Andy Borgmann

Yeah I got a bunch of publicist email about this one today. My take: he is still the President of the United States. I say let him come. Although, I would hope he would offer the situational courteous to not use it as a soap box for his own take on issues the Catholic church and him disagree on.

john b. kalb

The bishop doesn't have as much say as he did at St. Francis years ago when he blocked a speaker at their graduation, but this graduation is also in his diocese.

Francie Hogan

Bishop John M. D'Arcy's statement is now online.

Patty Baum

I commend the Bishop for sticking to his beliefs. I agree with him. I can not understand how a Catholic School could ask a man that belives it is ok to kill a child , it dosen't make any diffrence whether it is in the womb or not it is still a child. They should be made to watch a video of the late term abortions where the child is still alive and just discarded like garbage because the nurses or Dr's arent allowed to help it even tho intervention would save the childs life for some one who really would love it. MY Heart is with you.


The fact that Bishop D'Arcy would boycott the Notre Dame graduation ceremony as his own silent protest of Obama's abortion policies is a step in the right direction.
I expected for the Bishop to forbid
Fr. Jenkins from inviting president Obama.
Just tell Fr. Jenkins NO ! Is bishop D'Arcy in charge of all the priests in his diocese where Notre Dame is located ?

This situation reminds me of a similar one in the Bible when Ponchus Pilot washed his hands and did not attend Christ's Crucifixion.

Are you ( Bishop D'Arcy ) going to use your ''power'' and say NO to the president ( Fr. Jenkins ) of Notre Dame or just like Pilot do not attend ?

your brother in Christ
Greg Wyrem

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