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Alex Bowers

I'm a little concerned about the people playing baseball: seems like it might be a safety hazard.

Ed. note: I am not sure it would meet OSHA standards if mounted in a workplace next to a walkway.

Alec Johnson

Nice work Tom Cain and Design Collaborative!

Andy Borgmann

I can't say I particularly feel like this was money well spent nor will is "upgrade" Barr St.

Paul Morrison

"...Wolf & Dessaur Building / Lincoln Financial Headquarters / Temporary Allen County Public Library." And the next use of the facility?

Rob Bishop

Why maintain your infrastructure when you can build metal people? Sounds like a sound business model for the city in this economy.

Robert Pence

I hadn't been downtown to look around in a couple of weeks, and this evening I was out cruising around on my bike and saw them. I wondered, "How long have these been here?"

I like them. A lot. Downtown needs more good public art and fewer curmudgeons. Leave the griping and sniping to me, guys. I'm older and more experienced at it.

Tom Cain

A few facts:
Funds for the project came from sources outside Fort Wayne that were available only for Barr Street improvements that this "Ribbon of Community" was designed for.
The piece is deep blue, coordinated with other streetscape furnishings Downtown. It is not black.
The piece is a depiction of people related to Fort Wayne, engaged in many daily activities to comment on how all of us, in ways both notable and commonplace, contribute the cultural legacy of this community. Take some time to study the work. There will be information plaques on the figures that will assist in understanding the significance of each figure. You may be surprised to learn how rich this City's legacy is. Ask yourself: What is your legacy? Is it accomplishment and leadership?
The City spends $ millions annually on infrastructure repairs and improvements. This piece cost pennies compared to these other expenditures. It is also part of an integrated strategy to help draw folks downtown, as developed in the Downtown Blueprint with lots of community input, as an economic development strategy.

The project was concieved and initiated long before Mayor Henry even considered running for Mayor.

Craig Ladwig

City Hall, of course, has a perfectly good reason for buying (not with real money) metal people where real people no longer tread. And yet, some of us have had the feeling in recent years that our political leadership would feel more comfortable with a better class of citizenry — more handsome, more well-mannered, more childish and trusting, more static. Also, there is the disappointment in seeing empty streets and buildings after funding those wonderful architectural drawings and models with the little (but handsome and well-mannered) citizens scurrying here and there, all carefully placed by an architect's talented hand. Finally, if I should ever accomplish anything deserving recognition, please don't honor me with a metal cutout and a plague. Rather, just say something nice to my children and grandchildren, who, for better or worse, will probably be living a long way from any municipal government demonstrating the miserable judgment of this one.

Welton Dufor

I would like to discuss more effective ideas to get people to visit our downtown. Our downtown is more of a builders practice field. We build bus stations (yet buses do not use it). We have museums that close. We build conference halls with no conferences; baseball diamonds without baseball fans. The problem is nothing ties the downtown together with all the wonderful amenities. A downtown bus system that goes throughout the downtown and runs by all parking lots will provide a solution for those who wish to move around in the downtown.

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