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Stephen Parker

> The story was attributed this way: "From staff reports."

Maybe you and I are in some parallel universe, Mitch. I could swear I saw Bob Caylor in the audience last night...

Ed. note: I did see Mr. Caylor in the audience. He is a careful and insightful reporter.

Stephen Parker

Sorry about that, that's what I was trying to say. If Bob had written the article, it wouldn't have had the mistakes. I wonder what happened with this...

Mark Andrews

Thank you Stephen Keep them honest!!

John G. Wallace

That would be "lede," which is the introductory paragragh of a news article. In your defense - as I never attended journalism school I thought it was spelled, "lead," like it sounds. It's actually a deliberate misspelling of LEAD that dates back to typesetting to avoid confusion with the metal strip that was used to hold type in a frame.

Ed. note: John, you are absolutely right. We value our volunteer proofreaders.

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