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Jason Blosser

"[Y]ou cannot honor someone who violates the fundamental moral principles of the Catholic Church at a Catholic institution," said the editor of the Notre Dame student journal, "Beyond Politics," Kathleen Donahue. "[I]t's kind of a conflict of interest for a Catholic institution such as Notre Dame."

john b. kalb

So why don't the graduates, that espouse Kathleen's comment, boycott their graduation?

Edie Boudreau

Notre Dame President John Jenkins and every member of the Board of Trustees who supported this stupid decision to honor Barack Obama by giving him an Honorary Law Degree and inviting him to give the Commencement Address should lose their positions. Obama is the most pro-abortion president ever, and is using tax-payer money to make abortions available all over the world. Stem cell research from unborn fetuses is another outrage.

Bishop D'Arcy, can't you stop this dreadful event? If you can't, what about your Cardinal, or even the Pope?

If Obama does give the Address and receive the Honorary Degree, I hope that any alumni, parent, or other devout Catholic will notify the University that no more donations will be forthcoming, in light of the slap in the face that Jenkins has given them.

Patrick McAlister

I'm surprised by the short memories of the Obama naysayers regarding his commencement address at Notre Dame. In 2001, newly sworn in President George W. Bush came and spoke at Notre Dame's graduation. Bush's previous job - Governor of Texas, where he signed more execution warrants than any other governor in Texas' history - a state that puts more people to death than most countries in the world.

If the Catholics who are angered about Obama's presence at graduation were truly protesting based on pure 'pro-life' principles, they would have vehemently protested the presence of President Bush.

But they didn't.

Leon Dixon

Patrick, there is a world of difference between taking innocent life and the life of those who are not innocent and who pose grave threats to society. Do you have difficulty seeing the difference between convicted multiple murderers of guilty persons and the extermination of innocent human beings?

Patrick McAlister

My opinion doesn't matter. The Catholic Church sees no difference. A life is a life.

Adam Welch


Please read number 3 carefully. This is a memorandum from Pope Benedict in 2004. While I, as a practicing Catholic, am against both abortion and the death penalty and believe in the "conception until natural death" argument, please be careful in weighing your arguments and teachings of the Catholic Church. You are right...but only to a certain extent.

Jim Howard

Patrick, you may have a point there and maybe its time for spineless accomodators to stand up for what they believe in. It seems that our great accomodation has now landed us with a North Korean ICBM targeted to our soil with us not being able to do a damn thing about it (Secretary Gates). So much for accomodation. Good for Bishop D'Arcy for giving a rat's ass about this issue and standing up for life. The Political crap needs to be flushed down the collective toilet along with those that would cling to it for their "survival." Its okay to slide into perdition as long as we are consistent with our precedents, right? Because those precedents are everything and our conviction is nothing.

Nick Metel

While putting together a comment or two in response to this entry, I noticed Patrick McAlister had beaten me to the proverbial punch. Not that I would ever really punch, of course.

Well said, Patrick.

Jason Blosser

We Lutherans are pro-life/anti-abortion but believe most executions are biblically justified.

Patrick McAliser

Executions may be understandable in the context of a second century kingdom. In an alleged civilized society, however, executions satisfy nothing more than a public desire for vengeance. It serves as no deterrent from future crime, is actually more expensive than leaving a criminal in jail for the rest of their natural lives and has the potential of making an irrevocable error. You cannot consider yourself a member of civilized society and support the death penalty.

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