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Leon Dixon

What prestige? Who respects panderers or trimmers?

Karen Tuohy

Good Evening,

Bishop D'Arcy.
There are many things I do not agree with our President Obama on. However, he is our President. I know you said your not attending graduation at Notre Dame is in noway disrespectful of the President, but in our world today isn't there a way to make a positive out of a negative? Attend the graduation, let the students of that college see you there, they probably all know by now your thoughts on this matter.
By attending you are not condoning this action by the President, you are there representing what is believed and what should be believed as Catholics. By staying away or boycotting is the easy way out. Stand proud, be there, acknowledge the President and the college, show respect as we were all taught to do. No need for an eye for an eye. You are a great educator, use this talent to the best of your ability.
Get the positive going. The world is so full of negatives.
Thank you.

Jason Blosser

This pretty much sums things up:


Roger McNeill

Finally, someone is willing to put principles over fashion. It will be interesting to see how (or if) Notre Dame University responds.

brian stouder

One cannot help but wonder if the goal is

"the primacy of truth over prestige."

or the primacy of political-correctness over a welcoming church.

Afterall, none of us are getting a ticket to heaven based only on how right or wrong we are (or are thought to be) in short lifetimes

Mark Andrews

These are great comments! Why wasn't D'Arcys opinion taken into consideration when the President was being asked to come?

Jason Blosser

Oh, Karen. What a bunch of left-wing doublespeak. Imagine if you lived in Germany in the late 1930's. Would your attitude be "however, he is our President?"

Just because someone holds that title, it does not shield them from moral, legal and ethical accountability.

President Barack Hussein Obama has demonstrated by his words and actions to be anti-Constitutional and pro-abortion. One cannot be pro-Constitutional and anti-abortion and espouse those views boldly and publicly and then openly embrace the opposition in the name of prestige. It's hypocrisy, not "getting the positive going."

Michael R. Kelly

I think what's lost on some people is that anything Bishop D'Arcy puts his name or presence to implies that he, and the Catholic Church as a whole, sanctions the event, group, writing and etc. Same for Notre Dame - they should realize anything they put their name to, they do so as a Catholic institution and as a highly visible institution tied to the Church. The politically expedient course of action would have been for Bishop to attend, but he is a truly principled shepherd of his flock. Just like a parent teaching a child right from wrong, it's not always fun or popular, but is necessary and commendable when done in love.

Father Jenkins tried to rationalize the decision based on creating dialog - the problem there is that dialog requires an exchange, and in this scenario, the conversation would only flow one way. I encourage you all to sign the petition in support of our Bishop, and in support of all life - www.notredamescandal.com

john b. kalb

Mark - Per the Bishop's comment, he only became aware of the invitation when Obama accepted it. So his views were never sought by anyone at Notre Dame

brian stouder

I'm sorry - but give me a break.

Pray tell (so to speak) - what "words and actions" show that President Obama is "anti-Constitutional"?

The Bishop is perfectly free to do whatever he wants, but if we take his (somewhat poorly written) statement at face value, then how on earth could he ever attend any commencement address delivered by any President of the United States?

And when the Bishop says "While claiming to separate politics from science, he (Presdient Obama) has in fact separated science from ethics and has brought the American government, for the first time in history, into supporting direct destruction of innocent human life."

one wonders if this is willful hyperbole on his part, or breathtaking ignorance of the history of America. "Direct destruction of innocent human life" was literally one of America's stock-in-trade, up 'til the Civil War; and, in the 20th century, our nightly firebomb attacks on Tokyo and other cities with large populations of innocent human beings (not to mention our two nuclear strikes on cities full of more innocent civilians) - while necessary to win unconditional surrender from them - cannot be wished out of our history.

By way of saying - I am not arguing with the Bishop's teaching/shepharding role; but I wonder how he could ever have justied attending any of the previous presidential commencement speeches

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