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john b. kalb

So now we know where the "Push A Casino On Fort Wayne" came from. So it's probably a "done deal". What else is new?

Bob Gaul

If ANYONE wants to see how "nice" a city becomes AFTER casinos hit town...do not pass GO, do not collect $200, but rather take a walk on the BOARDWALK...in Atlantic City, NJ.

If you wander a mere TWO BLOCKS uinland from the casinos, you will see a SLUM DISTRICT.

And, unfortunately, it's BEEN that way ever since the Casinos came to town, pronmising "riches beyond belief" for the town of Atlantic City.

Sure the casinos create jobs...for people that are bused INTO the city from surrounding towns. The employees even park on the other side of the causeway to grab the shuttle buses to work.
Crime, filth, and problems in the city STILL abound.
It's not your grandparents "Boardwalk" any longer.

James Tew

Sturgis, Mich., approved a resolution endorsing a casino there on Wednesday.

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