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Andy Borgmann

Looks like a great fit. Hopefully Fort Wayne is a good fit for him.

Steve Long

Does this mean WFFT is going to start a newscast?

Ed. note: Yes, WFFT 55 FOX is starting a local news operation. Mr. Blue's addition would signal that 55 intends this to be a full-featured operation.

This has to be unusual nationally given the contraction in advertising revenue for television stations and newspapers. However, I presume that the FOX network looked at numbers for FOX national news and WOWO FOX radion programming and decided that a Fort Wayne news operation would strengthen the viewer loyalty for the FOX national news shows.

Chad Gramling

I'm a little surprised that it took them this long to start a news team. Looks like he'll be a great fit in our market.

Jim Blue

Thanks for the shout-out, Mitch. I can hardly wait to get started in Fort Wayne. I'm looking forward to meeting you. I would encourage folks to send me email at jblue@wfft.com with ideas about what should be in FOX Fort Wayne News First at 10.

John Wonderly

You'll have to work real hard, Jim, to get those of us who put up towers aimed at South Bend because of Nexstar's lack of progress on providing a digital signal to return to watching Fox Fort Wayne.

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.

I just about fell out of my chair. This is sweet! They finally decided to flip off the old "hand shake" agreement from when they first came on the scene, back in like the late 70s early 80s it was a blizzard and they showed movies that is all I remember at 3-5 years old, that prevented them from doing the news. There had been talk about it for the last three years but it kept getting choked as only a rumor and market speculation on the part of the station management. Now if they can just start Digital Broadcasting and carrying Fox News on one of the the secondary channels everything will be kosher.

Alex Murray

Mr. Wonderly's comment seconded, though I really look forward to checking out the newscast. Mr. Blue, if you happen to check this again, please DO NOT let the news operation because a sportsfest like the other two stations. Best of luck to you.

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