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Bob Gaul

So that means that the airwaves on our radios will go SILENT?
WOw...the ONLY stations I listen to in this city, and they pull THIS stunt?

Do we need to get "coupons" for our RADIOS next?
Say it ain't so...

Jason Blosser

WBOI/WBNI is still around? Wow! I learn something every day. Ever since the advent of the CD, the iPod and XM Radio, I've had no need for these stations.

Back in the day, WBNI used to be good, then Bruce came along and allied the station with the Left-crap from NPR.

The classical music began to suffer. Once, they played long symphonies and real music, then they opted for all of this short French flute crap to fill the gaps between the NPR crap.

John Corbin

Somebody that wants to be in this market will want 94.1, even though it's coverage of Fort Wayne is crap.
Get used to it kids...public TV and radio will suffer.
As for needing a converter for your radios...have ya ever heard of HD radio?? It's out there (WOWO has an HD signal) and it may become mandatory SOME DAY.
You've been warned.

Jeff Davidson

Hi -

It's been a long time since I volunteered (and briefly worked) at the old WBNI... this is certainly sad news. Once WBNI was a station that seemed to embody what public/community radio was really about - enthusiastic volunteers who wanted to share their enthusiasm and knowledge. While there certainly seems to be some of that spirit alive (and more, to be honest, than most public stations) the stations no longer look a whole lot different than any other public station in any other town. Definitely a loss to those who are emotionally invested in true community-based radio...

best wishes to Ft. Wayne - I miss it there!!

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