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tim zank

I realize "gambling" ads a certain "twist" to this as opposed to some other type of business, but I find it somewhat troubling how easily everyone just jumps on the "the competition will hurt our existing business" bandwagon and would rather have the state "disallow" similar businesses from opening up just to quash competition.

Seems a fuzz "un-american" to me.

Phil Marx

I like how they take the notion of levelling the playing field - Allowing Fort Wayne to do what other communities already do - and portray it as an unfair action.

"The state shouldn’t arbitrarily take away the success of one community by transplanting it to another community."

Ed. note: Well, Phil, you hit the nail on the head in relating this to the nature of governments issuing licenses for anything. The classic study of New York taxi medallions is still a great fundamental starting point for that topic.

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