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Dan Turkette

What's next?


311? 911? 411? - Oh I forgot. By the way, what's the score of the Redwing's game?

Andy Borgmann

That's it. I am running for mayor in 2011 ;) Somebody get me Steve Shine on the phone.

Mitch you are doing a fine job. Your comments here are right on. What a petty thing for FWPD to get involved in.

I didn't realize Henry had aspirations of being a neighborhood association President of ever neighborhood in the Fort Wayne area. Because that is pretty much what he just became with all the crap he is going to have to deal with now.

tim zank

Mitch, I doubt the Mayor missed the point, rather he was just being a smart-aleck in return for Browns sarcasm. I would think he's smart enough to see this will be a real fiasco enforcement wise, but he didn't have the guts to veto it.

The important thing is, your Mayor and Council are tackling the tough issues! Good luck Mitch.

Fort Wayne just cracks me up!

Bob Gaul

At least FOUR of you showed common sense by voting AGAINST this waste of time, money, and resources.
As to the REST of the "gang"?
(shakes head)...I have NO idea how they sleep at night.

Thanks for being a voice of REASON...Lord knows we NEED some here.


Nick Metel

In response to Tim Zank's post, I don't believe Mayor Henry missed the point, and I also don't believe he was being, as Tim said, "a smark-aleck."

Rather, he was communicating the apparent irresponsibility of the councilwoman's remarks encouraging the public to call 911 to report a violation of the ordinance. If the councilwoman's motivation was even remotely close to what I pointed out in my previous post, then Mayor Henry was quite justified in doing so.

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