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Kristina Frazier-Henry

I'm glad something is being done with the area. When I came back through Fort Wayne this summer, I took a few shots of the place and was horrified at how rundown it had become. I also just posted a picture of the dealership (from ContentDM - we think late 70's?) on my website about a week ago. Brought back memories for many of us...

Bob Gaul

I was talking with two crews down here at my place (one from OH, the other from KY)...GREAT people all.
Only one "minor" thing...something you'll probably NEVER see OR hear about in the media:
The crew from KY was working after dark in our area (Pettit-Rudisill) and told me they heard a full magazine being emptied, then saw two KIDS running from a nearby alley.
They called their supervisor, who told them to get the h*** out of the area.

Guess there are SOME folks that just don't like having their POWER LINES fixed.

I personally DO, thank you very much.
(we actually had NO power losss, even though the weatherhead tore out from the house).
And we NOW once again have curb-strip street lighting on our block (was looking as dark as a cornfield in Harlan at midnight).

Thanks to EVERYONE (from surrounding states)that gave up THEIR Christmas so we could get the city back to rights.


Jason Blosser

A huge round of THANKS to all of the repair crews. Seriously, would any of us want to work in sub-zero temperatures and be pelted by ice to restore electricity to some strangers?

If anyone in Fort Wayne or Allen County complains about the repairs (in the Editorials or what have you...), I will be profoundly disappointed.

deb doctor

i, too, had a great experience with a Pike crew from kentucky. when they arrived at my home, they didn't have a ladder long enough to reconnect my power line to my house. i offered them the use of my ladder. after they reconnected my house, and the neighbor house, they asked me to trust them and rent them the ladder for the day as they went on to assist other people. i told them to take it -- no rent payment necessary. friends told me i was naively foolish and would never see that ladder again...but they were wrong! the crew returned the ladder at the end of the day. having my ability to trust strangers reaffirmed was as much a treat as getting my power restored. my thanks to the hardworking crews who sacrificed their own holidays (and personal comfort) to labor in the frigid temperatures restoring power to others.

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