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Jon Olinger

I served four years on the FWCS school board with Jerry Henry, Sr. I have never worked with a man that fit the definition of "gentleman" more than Jerry. My life was enriched by knowing him and he will be missed.

tim zank

May he rest in peace, he was a heck of a nice guy.

Andrew Jarosh

I got to know Jerry Henry through all my years covering Fort Wayne. Every so often, the senior Henry would show up or just be there to discuss what was happening in the city of churches. In discussions with him, you always felt like you were speaking with a good friend, even if he only knew you very little. That's a mark of a good person.

Victor Locke

I was saddened to find out Jerry Henry had passed away. He touched the lives of almost all in Fort Wayne in many ways. He was an advocate for the downtrodden. He set examples for many, including his children to follow. He was a true gentleman with a huge heart and wonderful smile. Best of all, he was committed to Fort Wayne and all those living there. "Quiescat in Pace"

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