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Leo Morris

FYI, he did finally come to see our editorial board, though he made the appointment the week after we had finished all the other interviews and didn't provide us with any more specific answers than he did in his TV ads.

Robert Enders

Montagano should have hammered Souder on the bailout. He ended up spending money telling people he was pro-life and pro-gun in a year in which social issues were overshadowed by the economy.

Jeff Pruitt

I don't think you'll see any Democrat try and take a serious crack at this race for quite some time - the numbers are just too daunting.

I don't even think he could be gerrymandered out of his district.

Much as it dismays me to say, he will be Congressman Mark Souder for life...

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.

Democrats maybe not but the LPAC will be back in two years. With all the township races up for grabs we will be coming through loud and clear.

Robert Enders

Such optimistic thinking, Jeff. No wonder people vote for Democrats.

Let's look at what Montagano did accomplish. He was taken seriously enough to get the DNC to spend money here. He just didn't spend his money wisely

John Good

Souder must be met on his own terms. I heard tons of advertising on country music stations widely listened to by this primarily rural district. His attacks against his "Liberal" opponent went unanswered on that venue.

Know your adversary - know his base - know who he's appealing to - answer attacks against you to these folks.

Mike failed in that regard. I also didn't see the huge following of loyal supporters that Dr.Hayhurst had last time around. A smart politician would have easily ridden the Obama wave.

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