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Annie Eckrich

I am so happy that you represent us and watch out for our welfare

Mark Andrews

I am confused . The city Utilities owns the fire hydrants then leases them to the City so they can charge the taxpayers rent on something the taxpayers have allready paid for? And this has went on how long and you are just now doing something about it? Where have you been?

Ed. note: Well, Mr. Andrews, personally, I just joined the City Council in 2008. I am tackling this at the first budget point I have been able.

If you are asking about the collective "you" then the answer is that past city councils and mayors have never done anything about it.

Kristina Frazier-Henry

You have to wonder how much OTHER stuff like this is going on - not only at a local level, but also at the state and federal.

That's the kind of stuff I wish that these media folks would dig into. Instead, they spend time writing up editorial on candidates and labeling them as "socialists" and "racists".

Bob Gaul

I've got to hand it you Mitch...you find the things that others have ignored.
And you bring it to our attention (as those that should have done so, but haven't).

Amazing stuff you find.

Keep on digging, "Dr. Jones"


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