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Bob Gaul

Sounds like something *I* would do (or should).


Steven DeRocher

Lol, I tried that once with a pile of dirt. I usually just donate my leave to the neighbor thanks to my trusty leaf blower :)

Alex Jokay

No, Mitch, those of us in unincorporated places have free leaves.

Your constituents in Aboite are all bitching about how expensive they've become.

Robert E Pence

Relatives of a neighbor used to take mine, but only after I had them all bagged and stacked. They used them for garden compost and mulch at their place in Aboite Township that hadn't been annexed.

Knowing them and that they used to bring their bags of garbage into the city to their relative's place for free pickup, I always speculated that they didn't even rake their own leaves because it was easier to take the ones where someone else had already done all the work.

Ed. note: I used to take my neighbor's leaves for my compost bin when we lived on Sherwood Terrace. Today, I mulch all the leaves with my mower - so my lawn is the happier for it but my vegetable garden could always use more organic material to beat back the clay.

C.E. Owen

I am afraid the city came a week early (what service) and got all the free leaves...before I could get the ones from the backyard hauled out. Oh, Well! There are more where those came from.


My son's girlfriend lives just around the corner from this house. We saw this, and got quite a chuckle . . .

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